Rockabilly Rose Archivally Framed Screen Print

'ROCKABILLY ROSE' by Nick Farrow.
Artwork created for Rockabilly Noches - The 108th Paramount Anniversary Gala 2023 with The Mavericks, May 13th 2023.

Limited edition 24x36 signed and numbered print. 
Delivery: These will be framed locally by John Scott Frames and can be picked up at the framers in the Austin 78752 area. Pick up information will be shared after Tuesday, May 16th. 

"With my artistic sensibilities captivated, I absolutely fell in love with the look of The Paramount and its history. For 'Rockabilly Rose' my immediate feeling was to create a piece of art combining the theme of the 108th Paramount Anniversary Gala event 'Rockabilly Noches' with the beautiful and unique elements from this iconic Austin building, most notably the distinctive vertical PARAMOUNT 'blade' sign with its beautiful and distinctive border and the marquee oval shaped 'P' with curved flourishes to the left and right. Most importantly, I wanted to create a piece of Art for a night to remember. A celebration of splendor!

Inside the building, noting the artwork above the stage of the winged female angel playing the harp, I was inspired to use a female within the design. She is the 'star of the show', the center stage of this piece, the Texan Rockabilly Rose. A beautiful girl, side profile, with traditional Rockabilly accoutrements - the classic Rock'n'Roll pompadour hairdo, a large yellow rose of Texas in her hair and a heart blazing TRUE LOVE shoulder tattoo. 

The Art Deco and Art Nouveau style throughout the building inspired me to create this work with the geometry and lettering from the Deco period mixed with Nouveau curves. Periods of art I love. Drawn around the girl is the top of the PARAMOUNT blade sign with electric bulbs and the blade's shape is also incorporated into the bottom border of the show description. Leading to the color configuration of the artwork, I have used a palette that is similar to the colors noted from the Paramount blade and the Marquee - deep greens, rich reds, burnt orange, beige and cream. The Mavericks and show description lettering further lean toward the fabulous 1960s Rock poster art from the Fillmore in San Francisco, a theater that was built around the same time as the Paramount and finally, the wild roses surrounding the girl are hand drawn from a stage shirt that The Mavericks singer/ songwriter, Raul Malo often wears..." - Nick Farrow
Nick Farrow is an English born English American artist who lives and creates in Brooklyn, New York. He is The Mavericks' Brand Artist & Graphic Designer, the artist behind many of the beautiful Mavericks original artwork illustrations & logos.

His company FARROW STUDIOS, is a design based business creating hand drawn original art by Nick Farrow, giclée prints and screen printed posters and apparel.

Socials: @farrowstudios